Allgaeu-Orient Rally cars onboard Neptune Aegli

231 cars have been transferred from Mersin, Turkey onboard Neptune Aegli and were discharged in Haifa (Israel) for the purpose of the Allgaeu – Orient Rally.  The tenth Allgaeu-Orient Rally, intended as a cultural exchange and charity event, began on May 10 and will reach its final destination on May 28.

The Allgaeu-Orient Rally is described as an "adventure rally" rather than a race. The rally, which hosts 550 drivers and 275 vehicles from 18 countries this year, features cars that must be either above 20 years old, or  worth below 1,111 euros ($1,270).

111 teams will drive their cars from Oberstaufen in Bavaria/Germany to Amman in Jordan – without GPS and avoiding all highways and toll roads. On their way they support social and charity projects.

The route has been planned via Adriatic coast, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel.

The rally concludes in Jordan and its proceeds will benefit a charitable organization.
The vehicles will be also given to those in need after event ends.