Water Sustainability – actions within and outside Neptune Lines

Neptune Lines participated in the Water Conference 2015 to present the policies it has in place and its corporate activities in relation to water resources sustainability.

Nikos Paterakis, Chief Operating Officer, presented the procedure of fresh water production on board Neptune vessels as well as corporate policies for water preservation and monitoring of water consumption. Both our company and our vessels are certified under ISO 14001 on environmental management and our sustainability practice is reported under GRI. G4 guidelines.

Nikos Paterakis also presented the initiative of the company to sponsor the installation of a desalination unit in Gavdos, a small island south of Crete suffering from serious problems of water supply and shortage of fresh clean water. This donation was channeled through Sympleysis, a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Sympleysis is dedicated to the support and improvement of quality of life of the inhabitants of the remote islands of the Aegean, through infrastructure projects, school equipment, medical examination and cultural events. This desalination unit will cover the needs of the inhabitants for fresh drinking water as well as land cultivation.