B2MOS Final Event in Athens

B2MOS (Business to Motorways of the Sea) final event took place in Athens on the 3-4 December, jointly organized by ANNA and WIDERMOS programs, also co-funded by the European Union.

The B2MoS Action is an innovative study, which takes the form of pilot actions principally aimed at:

  • preparing and adapting business communities and port authorities’ systems to the requirements of Directive 2010/65/EU on Ship Formalities,
  • providing interoperable electronic documents and messages (ie. electronic sea-waybill)
  • intending to boost the efficiency of door-to-door MoS supply chains
  • facilitating intra-Community trade, and
  • increasing European territorial cohesion


The 2-days conference was attended by 239 participants from 25 countries.

Among the various activities implemented by the partners participating in B2MOS, 14 initiatives have been prototyped and piloted in 25 port communities, all having as their ultimate goal, the intra-EU facilitation of trade through the simplification, harmonization and automation of procedures.

14 informative videos have been created in the framework of these initiatives and were presented during the conference, clearly depicting current situation and the related benefits thanks to the implementation of these initiatives.

For more information on B2MOS program, as well as the agenda of the final event and all related presentations, please, visit B2MOS website.