Neptune Lines signs fleet deal with METIS for AI-powered analytics

Neptune Lines has signed a fleet-wide contract with METIS Cyberspace Technology to implement its data acquisition and advanced analytics platform in a first commitment to deploy the power of Artificial Intelligence in vessel management by a Pure Car & Truck Carrier operator.

Neptune Lines PCTCs feature METIS Ship Connect – an LR approved automated data acquisition solution. The platform uses a network of Wireless Intelligent Collectors to harvest machinery, navigational and operational data.

Outputs include live dashboards showing the condition of main engines, diesel generators, ballast water treatment systems, and other machinery as well as power and fuel consumption. The METIS platform allows the operators to visualise KPIs such as power vs speed and consumption under different weather and speed range scenarios using machine learning models.

We expect further benefits from customized functionalities from METIS including continuous speed profile optimization across Neptune Lines' Mediterranean, North Europe and Black Sea routes, emissions indicator monitoring and antifouling coatings performance assessment. Generator operations in port will also be scrutinized to minimize power consumption and emissions.

Utilization of IoT devices and NLP technology through the data collected shall assist Neptune Lines to better monitor fleet operational efficiency, optimise bunker consumption patterns and improve overall fleet performance according to sustainability principles to which the company adheres to.