Neptune Lines voluntary tree planting with We4All

Earlier this month, Neptune Lines joined efforts with We4All in their reforestation program at Poikilo Oros, in Athens. Μore than 50 of our people with their families planted the first 200 trees, out of the 1’000 in total that Neptune Lines intends to plant within the coming period.

Under the guidance of We4All, we enjoyed the process of planting Laurels, Judas Trees, Locusts, Chaste Trees, Cypresses, and Acacias, which are the most suitable for this specific geographical area. Our aim is to help clean the air we breathe to add green and contribute to creating a bigger green lung for Athens capable of producing approximately 117,000 kg of clean oxygen/ year while at the same time absorbing 22,000 kg of carbon dioxide /year.

We4All is a non-profit Environmental Organization that was created “to help Earth heal itself and remind people that this Planet is our home before it is too late”.

Their activities include:

  • Tree Planting / Reforestation actions
  • Watering and caring for our planted trees
  • Protecting and preserving forest land
  • Cleaning up seashores and marine environment
  • Organizing events to bring people of similar interests and vision together
  • Organizing seminars and lectures in schools and other organizations to raise environmental awareness


In Neptune Lines, we stay faithful to our promise and our vision to improve our environmental footprint. It is our priority and responsibility to care and contribute to the community and the environment we live and work in.

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