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Guided by our longstanding vision to leave a positive impact, we are passionate about demonstrating in practice our commitment to giving back to society.



This commitment extends to fostering education and youth development (#SDG4), a principle that took center stage during the recent interaction of Neptune Lines with the Athens University of Economics and Business.


On Wednesday, January 24th, Neptune Lines’ team, consisting of the COO, the ESG Manager, and the Technical Manager, had the privilege of engaging with the brilliant minds of AUEB’s MSc in International Shipping, Finance, and Management, sharing with them the company’s trajectory and their valuable experience. Inspired by the students’ vivid participation and insightful comments, they further delved into strategic decision-making and crucial trends within the shipping industry - related to ESG and low-carbon marine fuels.


Reflecting on the visit, COO, @Nikos Paterakis stated: "Excited by the opportunity to share our maritime journey at AUEB’s MSc in International Shipping, Finance, and Management. Neptune’s story intertwined with the brilliance of academia – a partnership that hums with possibility. Grateful for the chance to contribute to the industry's shared knowledge. Special shoutout to all who joined the conversation on alternative fuels and ESG. Thanks to everyone for making these connections meaningful."


This great interaction went well beyond a mere educational visit; it was truly a convergence of industry experience, academic intellect, and a shared commitment to the sustainable future of the maritime sector.


We wish to thank Professor Kavusanos, the Director of this MSc, and his great pool of students and professionals for their warm welcome and hospitality and for providing the opportunity to strengthen our ties with the academic community, laying the foundation for future collaborations with talented individuals.


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