Passionate to have a positive impact.

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About our Responsibility

We are passionate about evolving while building a rich legacy for the industry.

We are always looking to grow our business in a sustainable way, by reducing our impact on the environment, improving the lives of the communities we work with, and dealing with our stakeholders with integrity.


We are committed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and its 10 Principles for the protection of human rights and the environment, the preservation of the standards of labor conditions, and a stance against corruption.


Paving the way for a safe and sustainable future.

As a leading provider of vehicle transportation, we embrace our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and have employed our resources to develop the technologies, ship designs, operating efficiencies and monitoring systems that enable us to pave the way for a sustainable future.


Through our continuous investment in modern tonnage and our Emissions Reduction and Energy Efficiency Program, we are staying on target to reduce our emissions.


Neptune Lines operates on the lines of our rich business ethos and our passion for continuous improvement. In that direction, we closely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy to fully comply with existing regulations and set a leading example within our industry.

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Efficiency Measures

Technical Measures (Over a standardPCTC)
Operational Measures
Variable Speed Drives (VSD)
Fuel Injection Eco Nozzles
Shaft Generator
Electronically Controlled Main Engines
De-rated Main Engine
Propulsion & Manoeuvring System (PROMAS)
Advanced Anti-fouling Coatings
Hull form Optimization
LED Installations
Speed Optimization
Trim Optimization
Weather Routing
Capacity Utilization Management
Itinerary Planning/On-time Arrival

Savings on Fuel Oil Consumption (≅)


Caring for people - interacting responsibly with our communities.

Neptune Lines respects the uniqueness of each individual and aims to treat everyone equally, with dignity and respect. We safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, onboard and ashore, by operating under strict safety protocols and placing emphasis on up-to-date training and welfare initiatives.


We actively engage with local communities where we can have the biggest impact and are strongly committed to protecting human rights across our network of operations.

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Integrity and trust.

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and ethos. Our Code of Conduct applies to the entire company, our business partners and all other parties that are directly linked to our operations and services.


Compliance and business ethics are closely linked to the solidity of the company and drive all our business relationships. We believe that corporate governance supported by an effective control environment and continuous training, strengthens our business, our integrity towards our customers and stakeholders and our competitive position in the market.



Since 2012, Neptune Lines has been successfully participating in customers’ ESG assessments

Since 2015, Neptune Lines is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and reports annually its progress on the UNGC’s 10 Principles*

*the protection of human rights and environment, the preservation of the standards of labor conditions, and a stance against corruption

Since 2015, Neptune Lines is an active member of the Maritime AntiCorruption Network (MACN) and participates in its anonymous incident reporting system

*An industry-led initiative which enables maritime companies to submit reports on corrupt practices they have faced during port operations

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