Neptune Lines expands with two additional next-generation vessels

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Neptune Lines announces the further expansion of its fleet through the Genesis Project. This latest expansion involves the addition of two next-generation vessels, following the recent order of the first two of the same series. This brings Neptune Lines’ total new building orders to four vessels through the Genesis Project, marking a significant milestone in the company’s strategic fleet enhancement.


The Genesis Project exemplifies Neptune Lines’ role as an industry pioneer, driving positive change in the maritime sector. Through technological innovation and a deep-rooted commitment to the environment, Neptune Lines is navigating a sustainable course for the future of global shipping. This expansion enhances the company’s commitment to leading the maritime transport sector into the new era of sustainability and technological advancement.


The addition of two more 4200 CEU LNG DF PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) vessels is a key component of Neptune Lines' strategic plan to bolster its fleet over the next decade. These vessels are poised to increase cargo capacity by 36% compared to the current core fleet vessels, while seamlessly aligning with global emission reduction objectives.


Continuing the successful collaboration established with the first two vessels of the Genesis Project, Neptune Lines reaffirms its partnership with Deltamarin for the co-design of the two additional vessels. The company also remains engaged with Fujian Mawei Shipyard in China for its construction, ensuring the highest safety standards. Delivery is anticipated in 2027.


Neptune Lines has demonstrated a remarkable improvement in environmental performance, evidenced by a 52% reduction in carbon intensity by the end of 2023, compared to the 2008 baseline. This trajectory is set to continue, with the company on track to achieve a 68% improvement in intensity profile by the end of 2030. These figures surpass the current IMO targets by a substantial margin and they also underscore Neptune Lines’ environmental strategy and dedication to “Wake Forward”.

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