Neptune Lines Teams Up with HD Hyundai Marine Solution to Optimize Engine Performance and Cut Emissions!

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We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with HD Hyundai Marine Solution, a leading provider of green retrofit solutions, for the implementation of the Engine Part Load Optimization (EPLO) service. This groundbreaking agreement marks a significant step forward in our commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

EPLO is a cutting-edge technology that enables the discovery of the optimal power range for engines, thereby enhancing combustion efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. By optimizing engines for part-load operation, we anticipate a substantial reduction in fuel consumption by approximately 500 tons and carbon emissions by 1,575 tons per year across our fleet.

This partnership underscores our shared commitment to sustainable shipping practices and underscores Neptune's dedication to embracing innovative solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

We will be sharing the progress of this collaboration and its positive impact on our operations and the environment. Stay tuned for updates!

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